Sports & Spinal

High Street Road Physiotherapy has experienced staff with special interests in sports injury prevention, orthopaedic rehabilitation and spinal conditions.

Our Clinical Exercise Programs are great for those returning to competitive sport. Within a consultation, patients receive focused and attentive instruction to ensure correct technique and safety.

Sports Taping & Strapping

Our physiotherapists use taping and strapping to relieve pain, improve joint stability, enhance athletic confidence and prevent injury or re-injury.

Patients are taught key taping and strapping techniques in order to self-manage their injuries and become independent.

Ask about our Sports Products

We stock a variety of specialised items to assist with recovery, and to help prevent sports injury. Including sports tape, foam rollers, anti-inflammatory creams, weights and therabands.

We can also order most sports and therapeutic products for you.

Pre-Pointe Assessments

We offer pre-pointe assessments to ensure that young dancers can safely and correctly transition to pointe shoes as they develop their skills.

We liaise with the dancer’s parents/guardians and dance teacher before Pointe Certification is approved.